Training Workshop for SOP’s on Campus Reopening

One day training workshop for SOP’s on Campus reopening was organized by the Department of Community Medicine under the patronage of Brig. Prof. Naila Azam. The workshop was conducted for three consecutive days. 

Orders of events in the workshop were as follows:

  • Commencement with the recitation from the HOLYQURAN.
  • A brief overview by Dr. Raima Asif (Focal Person) about symptoms of coronavirus and its preventive measures.
  • Video demonstrating different transmission modes of coronavirus and preventive measures that can be adopted to preventit.
  • Detailed information on precautions that should be undertaken while using the elevator during thepandemic.
  • Precautionary measures while using the publictransport.
  • Safety measures while visiting the hospital in case ofemergency.
  • Important guidelines for security guards during the pandemic and practical demonstration were done for temperature checking with a thermal gun and its interpretation.SOPstobefollowedifsomeone’stemperatureisfoundtobemorethan 98.6°F.
  • Important guidelines for lecture hallattendant.
  • SpecialInstructionsforliftoperatorinlightofreinforcingSOP’s.
    • Important guidelines for sanitary staff and a detailed video demonstrating the ideal cleaning practices for using therestrooms.
  • A proposed plan was provided to the administration for the routes of entry and exit of students.
  • A practical demonstration was done by Dr. Farhan regarding hand washingtechnique.
  • Feedback performas were distributed among theparticipants.
    • An interactive session of questions and answers was held at the end in which the participants asked various questions from our healthexperts. 

At the end of workshop Brig. Prof. Naila Azam was invited to express her thoughts on the session. She explained her objectives clearly regarding the protective measures that should be reinforced when the campus reopens. An overview of the disease burden and its effects on the whole nation was also given. 

The last day of workshop was also attended by the Associate Dean of Basic Sciences Prof Muzammil Hassan Najmi who gave his remarks on the workshop and he reinforced the importance of following SOP’s when the campus re-opens. He also commended the Department of Community Medicine for conducting a successful workshop.

The participants enthusiastically participated in the workshop and also gave their feedback and desire to conduct such workshops in the future as well which will benefit the whole community.