WHO News Update

Public Food Procurement and Service Policies for a Healthy Diet


Nearly 8 million annual deaths are currently caused by unhealthy diets and due to rising cases to non communicable diseases WHO has launched an “Action Framework for developing and implementing Public food procurement and service policies for a healthy diet”. This Action Framework helps reach targets that fall under the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 which are SDG2, SDG3 AND SDG12.

The Framework helps reach the core principles of healthy diet defined by WHO and aims to:

1-Increase the availability of healthy food through setting nutrition criteria for food served and sold in public settings

2-To reduce preventable diseases and deaths from high consumption of sodium and salt, sugars and fats, particularly trans fats

3-Tool for governments to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate public food procurement and service policies that align with the core principles of healthy diets

The framework helps to achieve goals through 4 important steps which are:

1-Policy preparation

2-Policy Development

3-Policy implementation

4-Monitoring, Enforcement and Evaluation