Provision of community based primary care


The department of community medicine focuses on imparting community based primary health care oriented clinical training to students of 4th year MBBS as part of social responsibility of medical college. This was envisioned under the astute leadership of Director FUSH, Maj Gen® Imran Fazal HI(M) and planned for implementation by HOD Community medicine Brig® Naila Azam FUMC from current session 2022.

In this regard, following activities were planned and performed in close liaison with BHU Kotha kallan health team.

1. Visit to school: On 09-02-2022, students visited Higher Aims school, Kotha kallan. The visit was supervised by Dr. Mariam Razzaq and Dr. Fatima Ali Raza. 33 students assessed nutritional status of school children and provided awareness regarding hand hygiene, dental care, diet and physical activity. At the end, students gave school children items of personal hygiene (eg toothbrush and toothpaste) and fruits to encourage children to adopt healthy behavior’s.

2. Vaccination of masses against COVID: On 14-02-2022, students along with BHU Team from Kotha Kallan conducted Covid-19 vaccination campaign around five locations in Gulraiz, Rawalpindi. The visit was supervised by Dr. Mariam Razzaq, Dr. Mehwish Riaz and Dr. Asma Anjum. 34 students administered 65 doses of Pfizer vaccine to school children and staff under supervision of team and faculty members.

3. Indoor and Outdoor dengue surveillance: On 23-02-2022, under the supervision of Dr. Fatima Ali Raza and Dr. Asma Anjum, the students of 4th year MBBS accompanied BHU Kotha Kallan team for dengue surveillance. After a brief by team, students visited a total of twenty-two homes in groups in the BHU vicinity. They did all steps of environmental surveillance i.e.; searched for the open water resources like water coolers, water in the pots, and uncovered water in tanks and looked for eggs and larvae of aedes aegypti in water samples. Students also counseled the residents to reduce breeding places for mosquitoes and advised them to protect themselves against mosquitoes’ bites.

4. Maternal and Child Health services: On 23-02-2022, students went to the BHU Kotha Kallan to learn about Maternal and Child Health services under supervision of Dr. Mehwish Riaz and Dr. Raima. They were taught about obstetric history taking and the filling of the antenatal card. They were shown the labor room and immunization room. They observed the type of diseases being addressed and medicines and equipment’s available at BHU.

1. visit to BHU          4. covid vaccination at school