There are numerous under graduate programs and few master programs in Neurological Science and Practice being offered in Pakistan, but this MS-NPT program is a specialized program in Neurological Sciences, encompassing both basic concepts, clinical knowledge, assessment and conservative management approaches according to international standards. 

Goal of the Program:

This course will be the specialized program encompassing latest evidence based management techniques and knowledge regarding different Neurological Diseases, Neurological diagnostic tools and approaches, quantitative and qualitative neurological assessment, physical modalities and electrotherapy, latest evidence based techniques, to enable the graduates become specialized practitioners to deal with a multitude of problems involving the neurological system which is a dire need in the country. 

Objectives of the Program:

  • To provide specialized physical therapy care.
  • To serve as responsible members in the professional community and are willing and able to assume leadership roles in the communities they serve
  • Function as a productive member of a team engaged in health care, research & education. 
  • To identify researchable problems, advocate and participate in research, and incorporate research findings into clinical practice.
  • To understand and place in context the social, economic and cultural issues of practice and effectively advocate for changes in policy
  • To adopt only evidence based assessment and management techniques.

Assessment Criteria

Midterm/Sessional Exam after 8 weeks

Final Term/Terminal Exam after 16 weeks

Assessment of subjects with viva:

–         Assignments                                                   10%

–         Sessional Exam                                              30%

–         Final Exam                                                      40 %

–         Viva/Practical/OSPE/OSCE                            20 %

Assessment of subject without viva:

–         Assignments                                                    20%

–         Sessional Exam                                               30%

–         Final Exam                                                       50%

Clinical Residency Program:

–         Case Evaluation & Treatment                           70%

–         Viva                                                                   20%

–         Log book                                                           10%

Research Project:

–         Supervisor                                                         60 %

Synopsis                                                                       20 %

Thesis                                                                           40 %

–         External Examiner                                             40 %

Cumulative                                                                    60% = pass