Fee Structure and Policy for MS-MSKPT (2)

S#  Details Total Fee
1st Semester
Total Fee 2nd Semester Total Fee
3rd Semester
Total Fee
4th Semester
1.  Admission Fee (Once on admission) 25,000 - - -
2.  Registration Fee (Once on Admission) 20,000 - - -
3.  Security (Refundable) Once on Admission 10,000 - - -
4.  Examination Fee (Annually) 10,000 - 10,000 -
5.  Tuition Fee 88,000 72,000 72,000 88,000
6.  Clinical Charges (only During Residency) - - - 18,000
 Total Fee Without Tax 153,000 72,000 82,000 106,000

 Hostel Charges (Less Catering) - Per Semester

 Description Local (Rupees) Expatriate (US$)
1. Hostel Charges Accommodation Only (4 x Students Sharing Room)  * 5% Withholding Tax 47,000
2. Hostel Charges Accommodation Only (2 x Students Sharing Room)  ** 5% Withholding Tax 94,000
3. Laundry Charges 4,250 43
4. Advance Electricity Charges 6,250   40
Total (For 4 x Students sharing room) 60,063   579
Total (For 2 x Students sharing room) 10,9412 1,072
* Catering service of Boarder students is outsourced. The amount of catering charges will be intimated later on.


As per amendments made in the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 through Finance Act 2020, 5% withholding tax will be collected from the Persons not appearing in the Active Taxpayers’ List at the time of payment of fee.

  • Moreover, Withholding Tax collected at the time of admission will not be refunded if deposited into Government Treasury. However, the withholding tax certificate will be issued.
  • Withholding Tax will be deposited in the name of Parents/Guardian/Fee Sponsor. In case of any change in Parents/Guardian/Fee Sponsor, Accounts Branch – FUIC must be informed in written, well within the time.


As per the Income Tax Ordinance 2001, Section 236(i), 5% Withholding Tax will be charged to the Expatriate students. However, students can apply for Withholding Tax exemption within “One Month” by providing following requisite documents of their Non-Resident Parents/Guardian/Fee Sponsor:-

  • Furnish copy of passport as an evidence that during previous tax year, student Parents/Guardian/Fee Sponsor stay in Pakistan was less than one hundred eighty-three days.
  • Furnish a certificate on stamp paper from the Parents/Guardian/Fee Sponsor parents of the student that they have no source of income in Pakistan.
  • The fee must be remitted directly from abroad through normal banking channels into the bank account of Foundation University Islamabad.


Annual Fee/Hostel Charges of the students may be increased to coup up the inflation factor. Hostel Charges will be deposited in advance for one year. If a boarder decides to leave the hostel, he/she must inform warden boys hostels/warden girls’ hostels at least "One Month" prior to his/her tentative vacation. In case the occupant has to vacate in the middle of the year, following criteria will be followed:-

  • The boarder will be charged for the months of stay.
  • If any occupant leaves during the month and vacates before 15th of the month then half-month charges will be levied and if boarder vacates after 15th of the month then charges for the full month may be charged.


The fee may be deposited in the following branches of ASKARI BANK LIMITED:-


Branch:          Askari bank DHA Phase-I Islamabad
Title of Account: Foundation University Islamabad
USD Account No: 1061300401234
Swift Code: ASCMPKKA
IBN No: PK04ASCM0001061300401234
FUI NTN No: 2864905-2
Phone: 051-5187141-46
Account Branch Email: account_fumc@fui.edu.pk


Branch:    Askari Bank Ltd, Al Shifa Eye Trust Hospital Branch, Rawalpindi
Title of Account: Foundation University Islamabad
PKR Account No: 01811650000020
Swift Code: ASCMPKKA
IBN No: PK79ASCM0001811650000020
FUI NTN No: 2864905-2
Phone: 051-5187141-46
Account Branch Email: account_fumc@fui.edu.pk


Branch: Askari Bank Ltd, Al Shifa Eye Trust Hospital Branch, Rawalpindi
Title of Account: Classic Foods
PKR Account No: 0181-0100024353
Swift code: ASCMPKKA
IBAN No: PK66ASCM0001810100024353
NTN: 1749906-2
  • Fee in Pak Rupees may be deposited into Askari Bank booth located at Student Hub of FUIC.

  • The expatriate students will deposit the dues in USD. The fee may be remitted only through wire transfer into Foundation University Islamabad bank account. The ACBL DHA-1 Branch, Islamabad will not be accepted Cash/Cheque/Pay Order as per instructions of the State Bank of Pakistan.

  • Tution fee will not be adjusted against any other student dues.