Department of Psychiatry


Head of the Department
Professor Dr. Nadeem Abbas (MBBS, FCPS)

The department of Psychiatry, Foundation University School of Health Sciences endorses the highest professional and ethical standards of mental health promotion, treatment and rehabilitation. Our goal is to provide evidence-based care using a holistic approach that caters to our socio-cultural context.

In addition to a fully equipped outdoor and in patient set up for General Adult Psychiatry, we also provide full time emergency & liaison psychiatric services within our affiliated Fauji Foundation hospital Rawalpindi. The department has specialized arrangement service for administering ECT under GA. Comprehensive psychometric testing and psychotherapeutic facilities are also available. Our wide range of clinical services ensures that we can tailor the treatment plan according to the specific needs of the patients and their families to manage psychiatric disorders including Depression, Bipolar Affective disorder, Schizophrenia, Anxiety and Panic disorder, Obsessive compulsive disorder, Somatoform disorders, Drug and Alcohol misuse along with many other mental health conditions.

Our academic program is recognized by PMDC for undergraduate students, house job and CPSP accredited post graduate training in Psychiatry. Our structured training schedule includes case discussions, journal clubs and topic presentations. The department of Psychiatry is responsible for covering the major topics of Behavioral Sciences for the undergraduate medical students at Foundation University School of Health Sciences.

There is an additional internship program for graduate and post graduate students of Clinical Psychology at our department.

Mental health research is made a priority in order to make culturally sensitive contributions to the scientific database. Faculty members have published articles in HEC indexed peer reviewed journals on topics related to mental health of medical students, frontline healthcare professionals and vulnerable population groups, educational psychology, barriers and stigma related to mental health.

Research Publications


Head of the Department

Prof Dr. Nadeem Abbas (MBBS, DPM, MCPS, FCPS)


Prof. Dr. Khalid Hayat Khan, (MBBS, MCPS, FCPS) 

Prof Dr. Nadia Azad (MBBS, FCPS)

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sawera Mansoor (MBBS, FCPS)

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