Department of Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)

Brig Kizar
Head of the Department 

Prof. Dr. Mirza Khizar Hameed (MBBS, FCPS)

Otolaryngology is a diverse and comprehensive surgical and medical specialty concentrating on disorders and diseases involving the Head and Neck. The name stems from the Latin roots for ear (“Oto”) nose (“Rhino”) and throat (“laryngo”).

The Department of Otolaryngology at Foundation University Medical College is one of its leading departments. The mission of the Department is to provide excellent education to medical students and residents; to practice contemporary high quality patient care; and to create new or expanded knowledge from basic and clinical Otolaryngology research.

Basic Otolaryngology disease processes and principles are taught by Problem Based Learning and Task based learning in the first four years of medical education. Clinical Skills are incorporated in four weeks periods in the 4th year. The objectives of the program are to demonstrate the ability to take and record a complete otolaryngological history and examination. To be able to arrive at a tentative clinical diagnosis differentiate between life threatening serious and minor conditions and to be conversant with the various modalities of treatment used in Otolaryngology.

The department members collaborate with members of other sub disciplines such as audiology speech and swallowing therapy ophthalmology Paediatrics neurosurgery dermatology allergy and immunology pulmonary medicine and oncology. Through this collaboration the department offers comprehensive and excellent care for pediatric and adult patients with disorders involving the head and neck.

Department of Otolaryngology is recognized by College of Physician & Surgeons of Pakistan for postgraduate students. We have structured training program.


Prof Dr Iftikhar Aslam (MBBS, FCPS)
Assistant Professors

Dr Irshad Ali (MBBS, FCPS)
Dr. Amir Akbar
Senior Registrar
Dr Nudrat Khalil (FCPS)