Department of Forensic Medicine

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Head of the Department
Associate Professor  Dr. Yasmin Aamir, MBBS, DMJ

Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology covers two subjects of medical sciences Forensic Medicine & Toxicology. Both of which are well organized specialities of Medical Sciences in their own right on the global scenario.

Forensic Medicine is a medical specialty which applies to the principles & practice of medicine to the elucidation of questions in judicial proceedings & encompasses important aspects of medical sciences. Whereas Toxicology involves all aspects of Toxic agents including identification, harmful effects and various related medico legal inferences. Toxicology covers environmental, occupational and analytical Forensic & Clinical Toxicology.

A conglomerate of two sciences, is a clinically oriented subject requiring clinical examination, documentation & certification of living and dead and the interpretation of findings according to the law of land. A perspective Doctor requires an optimal theoretical as well as practical training of the subjects at undergraduate level. The subject is disseminated in details in theory, practical classes as well as medico legal autopsy demonstration so that a 4th year MBBS student learns the art of medical certification, report preparation and medico legal documentation.

Qualified and trained faculty is committed to the improvement in health and medical sciences based on scientific teaching and research. Students are trained to make all efforts to use every scientific means during their practice whenever they are called to aid the law and are advised to keep all of their senses open to perceive the facts so that no facts remains hidden or undetermined for “what is so important is the administration of justice” and that fulfills the goals of teaching the subjects of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology.


Associate Professor
Dr. Riffat Masood, MBBS, DMJ
Dr. Ali Zeeshan Aslam, MBBS