Department of Anatomy

Head of the Department Professor  Dr. Huma Musarrat Khan, MBBS, MHPE, FCPS (Anatomy)  PM&DC Reg No. 18141-P

Anatomy department is one of the most important departments of the basic sciences. The faculty of the department comprises of a team of highly educated, experienced and vibrant faculty headed by Prof. Dr. Huma Musarrat Khan. All the faculty members are actively involved in research, curricular development and teaching/learning activities of undergraduate MBBS, BDS & DPT students. The subject of anatomy which is considered as the backbone of all preclinical and clinical subjects encompasses gross, microscopic, and developmental and neuro-anatomy, all of which are taught in close integration with other basic and clinical subjects over a period of two years. This is done with the help of an array of teaching modalities such as large group interactive sessions, small group discussions, practical, demonstrations/dissection sessions and problem based learning sessions. Emphasis is laid on clinical aspects and application of knowledge with a balanced focus on cognition, psychomotor skills and affective domains.

The department strives to provide the best possible physical resources and ensures their optimal use to facilitate excellence in teaching and learning. It comprises of a dissection hall with a mortuary for housing up to eight human cadavers; there is a state of the art museum having original bones, artificial skeletons, torsos and plastic models of different regions which are used for studying all aspects of gross and developmental anatomy of the human body. The department also has a histology laboratory with a generous supply of histological slides of normal body tissues which are studied by means of CC TV, multihead and binocular microscopes.

The Department of Anatomy with its faculty and staff is fully committed towards providing excellent undergraduate teaching and learning experiences for students. Our aim is to excel in teaching various branches of Anatomical Sciences in relevance to their clinical application. The driving force behind the department and its faculty is the goal to produce doctors for the 21st century who will practice modern medicine with sound knowledge of structure and functions of human body in health and disease.

Associate Professors
Dr. Saadia Rashid
(MBBS, MPhil)
PM&DC Reg No. 1158-AJK
Dr. Lubna Akhtar (MBBS, FCPS (Anatomy))
PM&DC Reg No. 31262-P

Assistant Professors
Dr. Nadia Rashid (MBBS, FCPS (Anatomy))
PM&DC Reg No. 34373-P
Dr. Sobia Islam (MBBS, M. Phil)
PM&DC Reg No.9057-N

Dr. Mehwish Salam (MBBS) 
PM&DC Reg No. 15025-N
Dr. Aleena Younis (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg No. 54432-P
Dr. Ayesha Ali (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg No. 48056-P
Dr. Zeeshan Munawar (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg No. 62814-P
Dr. Komal Saeed (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg No. 78193-P
Dr. Zartasha Anjum (MBBS, M. Phil)
PM&DC Reg No. 58459-P
Dr. Amna Iqbal (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg No. 78267-P
Dr. Mabroor Ghani (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg No.85138-P
Dr. Maryam Khalid (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg No. 75823-P
Dr. Humaira Kalsoom (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg No. 85403-P
Dr. Rida Fatima (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg No. 83414-P 
Faculty for BDS
Associate Professors
Dr. Saadia Rashid
 (MBBS, MPhil) 
PM&DC Reg No. 1158-AJK
Dr. Mehwish Salam (MBBS)  
PM&DC Reg No. 15025-N
Dr. Humaira Kalsoom (MBBS) 
PM&DC Reg No. 85403-P
Dr. Amna Iqbal (MBBS) 
PM&DC Reg No. 78267-P