Financial Assistance & Scholarships

The Financial Assistance Program (FAP) being implemented in FUI since 2007 has been revisited in order to cater for the changes in the organogram and progression of FUMC into FUIC to include the Dental College and Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences.

FUI is also mindful of the high cost of the professional education and other hardships of the parents. To address their  predicament and to help the students persue their educational goals a Need Based Financial Assistance Programme has been implemented.

The Fauji Foundation in general and Foundation University, Islamabad (FUI) in particular is committed to provide most conducive learning environments at NO Profit No Loss basis. The FUI has a firm resolve that the talented students are not denied the opportunity of quality professional education due to lack of resources or finances. The University seeks out such students with potential to excel and Support them with the merit based  Scholarships. The assistance is awarded purely on merit and has no string / conditions attached to it for those who excel out/shine in studies (No categorization of civilians / armed forces etc).

Merit Scholarship (Open to all). Students are eligible for award of merit scholarships on attaining a position in the  professional examinations. The merit will be determined on the basis of result of annual / semester examination issued by the  Controller of Examination. The merit scholarship will be granted to the number of students as follows:-


  • First Position 30% of tuition fee

  • Second Position 25% of tuition fee

  • Third Position 20% of tuition fee

NOTE: The number of positions will be proportional to class strength:

  • Upto 49 students - 1 Scholarship

  • 50 – 100 students - 2 Scholarships

  •  Above 100 students - 3 Scholarships


  • Merit Scholarship will be entitled to the registered students or who have been accepted for admission in FUIC.

  • Has not been involved in any disciplinary case in that semester / year.

  •  Has not failed in any subject / course in that semester / year.

  •  Minimum 60% marks in annual exams.

Incentive for Board Position Holders Board position holders for undergraduate admission will be offered Scholarships / financial incentive for 1st semester / 1st year as under:-

  • 1st position holder 50% tuition fee waiver

  • 2nd position holder 40% tuition fee waiver

  • 3rd position holder 30% tuition fee waiver

  • 4th position holder 20% tuition fee waiver

  • 5th position holder 10% tuition fee waiver

 Financial Assistance Programme (FAP)

  • Financial Assistance is provided to maximum 10% of the needy and deserving students. Irrespective of being enrolled in the campus, defence forces personnel or civilian category.

  • The FUI Secretariat will place the amount annually for disbursement as Financial Assistance to the undergraduates two months before the start of new session i.e. annual / semester.

  • The range of assistance should be upto a maximum of 50% of tuition fee which will be reviewed each year.

  • The available amount shall be distributed among the applicants, on the basis of need of each case, as deemed appropriate by the Financial Assistance Committee (FAC).

  • Financial Assistance is decided on the basis of information provided in the Application Form and scrutiny / verification by the FAC.

  • Students have to apply for assistance two months before the commencement of new session i.e. Annual.

  •  Financial Assistance will not be applicable to 1st Professional / 1st Year.

  • The student should apply for assistance every year and they will be reassessed every time afresh.

  • Any false information / declaration or concealment of facts will lead to cancellation of any assistance and even admission to the college as recommended by the FAC.

  • The Financial Assistance Programme form will be available from the Student Hub and at the FUI website free of cost.

A student is eligible for Financial Assistance

if he / she :-

  • Is a registered student of FUIC.

  • The student should maintain a minimum of 50% marks in FUI Annual Examination respectively to remain eligible for assistance in the coming academic session. He / She should not have failed in any subject / course during the current annual / semester examination.

  • Is not punished in any serious disciplinary case. Is not drawing any financial benefit from any other source equivalent to 50% of the tuition fee of that year.

  • If a student is drawing any financial benefit from any source he/she will not be eligible for Financial Assistance of more than 25% of the tuition fee.

  • FAC can recommend financial assistance upto a maximum of 50% of the tuition fee in special cases if deemed necessary.

  • In no case a student is to be given any cash payment. The transaction will be made by FUI to the institute / college and student will be informed.

  • In case of limited amount available, preference will based upon the academic merit of the applicants.

Academic Awards

In recognition of the outstanding academic performance by a medical student in annual professional examinations, Gold / Silver medals and Distinction / Merit Certificates are awarded as per the FUI policy at the time of Convocation / Annual Day.