Chief Editor’s Message

This precious moment marks the beginning of a new chapter in the life of Foundation University Islamabad Campus(FUIC) whose history of academic excellence and of producing quality MBBS graduates is now well documented. I am pleased to contribute to this first issue of the Foundation University Medical College Journal (FUMJ). Its publication is a milestone of scholastic growth of FUIC.

Since its inception in 2002 it was our earnest desire to provide a platform for the faculty to publish their research work in their own journal, so that research outcomes, basic or applied, have impact on clinical practices and ultimately benefit the patients. Over the period of time the contribution of the FUIC faculty and the specialists from the Fauji Foundation Hospital (FFH) has been quite substantial in the form of research papers published in international and national journals recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Pakistan Medical & Dental Council. The publication of the journal could not materialize earlier as we were more focused on capacity building, modernization of curriculum, teaching methodologies and advancement of research facilities.

Almost all the clinical departments of FFH are recognized for FCPS part II training and a lot of clinical research work is done by the trainees as a part of their postgraduate training, but somehow they are reluctant to publish their work. Similarly, as a part of faculty development program, many of our faculty members have acquired diplomas, M Phil and PhD degrees and their work has been published at national and international level. The launching of FUMJ will thus provide a platform for rapid publication to all our faculty, residents and students and a quality journal for researchers to present their future research efforts. Departments and faculty members are working on a number of research projects under the auspices of Foundation University Islamabad and HEC. A Multi Disciplinary Lab (MDL) has been developed to start M Phil in Basic Sciences. I am hopeful that these efforts to inculcate a research culture will translate into research publications and lead to development of FUIC as a centre of excellence nationally and internationally. To improve the health care delivery we need to integrate the clinical research with medical practices, creating a patient centered outcome that benefits the patients individually and collectively. For this, I will strongly plead for contributions from our national and international colleagues and researchers.


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