Greetings, FUMC Alumni

We at FUMC firmly believe that every student is and forever will be, an integral part of the FUMC fraternity. This bondage with us does not end on graduation. Each are of you left behind a legacy.

We all have certain dreams and ambitions. We embark upon a journey to mould these dreams into reality; yet always in touch with the place where you laid the foundation of your dreams.

We are creating, for the very first time, an Alumni Section in this year’s Student Magazine. On behalf of the Editorial Board, I invite you to contribute to the Alumni Section. A piece of heartwarming poetry or prose, that encapsulates the years of your life at FUMC, evocative artwork depicting as a trip down memory lane, photographs rekindling the memories of student life, just a riveting story you may want to share OR a hard core. Professional article authored by you. All your contributions will be profoundly valued and given a place in the Magazine. Hope to receive these by 1st Aug 2018.

We look forward to receiving a timely positive response of your valuable contributions. You mail us at
It goes without saying, that once a FUMCOLIAN, always a FUMCOLIAN.

Prof. Dr Maryam Wahid Editor in Chief