Fee Structure and Policy [MBBS/BDS]

S#  Particulars    Local  Expatriate US  Dollars  Foreigner US Dollars
1   Admission    50,000  450  450
2  Tuition Fee    642,000  13000 13000
3  Registration    100,000  1350  1350
4  Examination    32,000  320  320
5  Security    50,000  500  500
6 Adm Support/ECA's/CCA's and Security/Utilities/Medical Cover Charges    30,000  300  300
7  Integrated/Clinical Training/Clinical Teaching Charges    30,000  300  300
  Total Fee 934,000 16,220 16,220
8  5% Withholding Tax    44,200  786  786
   Total    913,100  16,355  16,984
   FEE Payable at the time of admission  978,200  17,006  17,006
 Hostel Charges  Local  Expatriates / Foreigners US Dollars
 180,000  1,800


Laundry charges are out sourced. These will be intimated later on.
Wards of Shuhada / War Disabled Persons Will be charged following fee per year :-

(1) Exemption: Following dues are exempted from payment:-

(a) Tuition Fee 
(b) Admission fee including PM&DC registration fee
(c) Hostel charges
(d) Transportation fee, health insurance / sports, college magazine, ID Card & CMS

(2) Payable Amount. 50% concession will be given in following areas:-

(a) Security 
(b) Examination Fee 
(c) University Registration Fee

(3) Integrated Charges / Modile Book/OT Dress/Skills Lab (FULL)

  • Supplementary Examination Fee is Rs. 7,000/-

  • Rs.12,500/- will be charged in advance Electricity Charges from Boarder Students.

  • Rs. 25,000/- shall charged in case of double occupancy.

  • This will be considered as advance electricity bill. The actual bill will continue to be worked out on monthly basis and any increase/decrease will be adjusted in next year advance.

  • Withholding Tax collected at the time of admission will not be refunded if deposited into Government Treasury, however the withholding tax certificate will be issued.

  • Withholding Tax will be deposited in the name of father. In case of any change, Accounts Office will be informed in written form well within the time.

  • The admission fee is non refundable at any stage.

  • The status of candidates admitted against the Expatriate or Foreigner seats will not be changed Category during the entire MBBS/BDS course under any circumstances.

  • At the time of acceptance of admission in the college, all the dues will have to be deposited by a fixed and non extendable date. In case of non payment till the specified date, the admission in FUIC will be offered to the candidate placed on the waiting list.

  • The students will pay transportation charges annually @ Rs. 2,500/- for the 1st, 2nd, 5th Year and @ Rs. 4,000/- for 3rd and 4th Year. It will cover the expenses of various official academic visits and class trips organized by the FUIC.

  • Annual tuition Fee/Hostel Charges of the students may be increased to coup up the inflation factor @ 5% per annum.

  • Hostel Charges will be deposited in advance for one year if student decides to leave the hostel during the 1st half of the calendar year and provided he/she gives a month’s notice, (in the form of an application addressed to the Dean/Principal, through proper channel and if approved by the Dean/Principal) only then, the hostel dues for the 2nd half of the calendar year will be refunded, however the tax amount will not be refunded.

  • 1% surcharge on outstanding fee shall be levied in subsequent years after due date as per policy.

If the student deposit fee in advance following discount rates will be applicable:

(Tuition Fee Only)

For 05 years 2% of Existing Tuition Fee for each Year The Inflation Enhancement will not be Applicable
For 04 years
For 03 years
For 02 year
  • The student who deposited fee for 5 years and if he/she reverted back from higher to lower class will pay the fee of the same class in which he/she is studying according to the existing PM&DC rules.

The college dues once deposited will be refundable for 1st  year only as per following PM&DC policy:-

  • If the student wishes to leave the institution before the session or within two weeks after the commencement of classes 100% refund of all deposited fee except for the one time admission fee. The withholding tax will not be refunded if deposited.

  • If the student wishes to leave institution within one month of commencement of classes, there shall be 50% refund of all deposit fee except Admission fee.

  • If the student wishes to leave the institution after one month of commencement of classes then there shall be no refund.

  • If the students repeating the year will be charge fee as per existing PM&DC.

  • Detained student will be deposited 1/3 of tuition fee (for each failed subject). In case if a student failed in all subjects 75% of tuition fee of the same class in which he/she is repeating the subject other dues will be the same as per fee structure.

  • Once the Academic Year start the student has to clear all his/her dues till 31 January of each year. In case the student decided to leave the college or migrate, will clear all his/her dues before leaving the college. The clearance/No dues certificate will be issued by the Accounts Department after the deposit of all outstanding dues.

  • Tuition will not be adjusted against any other student dues.

  • Security money will be refunded after completion of house job; however the outstanding dues (if any) will be deducted from the security money.

  • The fee may be deposited in the following branches of ASKARI BANK LIMITED:-

For Expatriate/Foreign Students:-

Branch:          Askari Bank Ltd, Adyala Road Branch, Rawalpindi
Title of Account: Foundation University Islamabad
USD Account No. 1300000011
Swift Code: ASCMPKKA
IBN No. PK55ASCM0000781300000011

For Local Students:-

Branch:          Askari Bank Ltd, Al Shifa Eye Trust Hospital Branch, Rawalpindi
Title of Account: Foundation University Islamabad
PKR Account No. 01811650000020
    • Fee in Pak Rupees may be deposited into Askari Bank booth located at Student Hub of FUIC.

    • The Expatriate Students will deposit the dues in USD. The fee may be deposited through cross cheque/pay order in favour of Foundation University Islamabad. No cash will be collected by ACBL Adyala Road Branch as per instruction of the State Bank of Pakistan.

    • If a student is removed from the college rolls on disciplinary/ administrative grounds the refund of the hostel dues will also become inadmissible.

    • Re-admission fee Rs. 50,000/- shall be charged in case a Student’s name is struck off from the college rolls due to prolonged absence for more than 4 weeks.