Fee Structure for Intake Fall - 2018 & Spring - 2019

Description Pakistani Residents (Rupees) Expatriates/Foreigners (US$)
1   Admission fees (Once on admission) 25,000  500
2   Tuition Fee/ Semester 1, 47,000 2563
3   Security (refundable) once on admission 10,000 150
4   Registration Fee (once on admission) 20, 000 200
5   Examination Fee (annual) 10,000 100
 Total (Without Tax) 212,000 3,513
6  5% Without Tax (Less Security Refundable) 10,100 168
Fee Payable at the time of Admission 222,100 3,681

 Hostel Charges (Less Catering) - Per Semester (4 Students Sharing Room)

 Details Local (Rupees) Expatriate (US $)
1  Hostel Charges (Accommodation Only) 45,000 450
2  Laundry Charges 4,250 43
3  5% Withholding Tax 2,463 25
4   Advance Electricity Charges 6,250   Rs.   6,250
Total 57,963   US$  518 & Rs. 6,250
* Catering service of Boarder students is outsourced. The amount of catering charges will be intimated later on.


  • Withholding Tax on the above fee @5% (Less security amount) will be collected separately as per income tax ordinance 2001 section 236/

  • Tuition Fee/Hostel Charges of the students may be increased to coup up the inflation factor @ 5% per annum.

  • 1 % surcharge on outstanding fee shall be levied in subsequent Semesters after due date as per policy.

  • Tuition fee will not be adjusted against any other students dues.

  • The fee may be deposited in the following branches of ASKARI BANK LIMITED:-

For Expatriate/Foreign Students

Branch: Askari Bank Ltd, DHA-I Branch, Islamabad
Title of Account: Foundation University Islamabad
USD Account No: 1061300401234
Swift Code: ASCMPKKA
IBN No: PK04ASCM0001061300401234

For Local Students

Branch: Askari Bank Ltd, Al Shifa Eye Trust Hospital Branch, Rawalpindi
Title of Account: Foundation University Islamabad
PKR Account No: 01811650000020
Swift Code: ASCMPKKA
IBN No: PK79ASCM0001811650000020

For Catering

Branch: Askari Bank Ltd, DHA Phase-I Branch, Islamabad
Title of Account: Classic Foods
PKR Account No: 1060100585516


  • Fee in Pak Rupees may also be deposited into Askari Bank booth located at Student Hub of FUIC.
  • The Expatriate Students will deposit the dues in USD. The fee may be deposited through cross cheque/pay order in favour of Foundation University Islamabad. No cash will be collected by ACBL Adyala Road Branch as per instructions of the State Bank of Pakistan.