Fee Structure and Policy for MBBS/BDS

S#  Particulars  Local
(US  Dollars)
(US Dollars)
1   Admission 50,000  400  400
2  Tuition Fee (Annual) 865,000  16,600 16,600
3  PM&DC Registration (One Time Charges) 5000  -  -
4  Security (Refundable) 10,000  -  -
  Total Fee (Without Tax) 930,000 17,000 17,000
5  5% Withholding Tax (Less Security (Refundable)) 46,000  850  850
   FEE Payable at the time of admission 976,000  17,850  17,850

Hostal and Laundry Charges

1 Hostal Charges (Accomodation Only) 180,000 500 500
2 Laundry Charges 8,500 85 85
3 5% Withholding Tax 9,425 29 29
  Advance Electricity Charges 12,500 Rs. 12,500 Rs. 12,500
  Total  210,425


$614 & Rs12,500


  • Catering service for boarder students is out sourced. The amount of catering charges will be intimated later on.

  • Catering charges will be collected separately in contractor's bank account.

  • Rs.12,500/- will be charged in advance Electricity Charges from Boarder Students and Rs. 25,000/- shall be charged in case of double occupancy. This will be considered as advance electricity bill. The actual bill will continue to be worked out on onthly basis and any increase/decrease will be adjusted in next year advance. 

  • Withholding Tax collected at the time of admission will not be refunded if deposited into Government Treasury, however the withholding tax certificate will be issued.

  • Withholding Tax will be deposited in the name of father. In case of any change, Accounts Office will be informed in written form well within the time.
  • Expatriate students can apply for Withholding Tax exemption. Following documents are required:-

    • Furnishes copy of passport as an evidence that during previous tax year, student parents stay in Pakistan was less than one hundred eighty-three days.

    • Furnishes a certificate on stamp paper that the parents of the student has no source of income from Pakistan.

    • The fee is remitted directly from abroad through normal banking channels to the bank account of Foundation University Islamabad.

  • The admission fee is non refundable at any stage. Installments or partial payments are not allowed in any case. The status of candidates admitted against the Expatriate or Foreigner seats will not be changed to any other category during the entire MBBS course under any circumstances.

  • At the time of acceptance of admission in the college, all the dues will have to be deposited by a fixed and non extendable date. In case of non payment till the specified date, the admission in FUIC will be offered to the candidate placed on the waiting list. 

  • Annual Fee/Hostel Charges of the students may be increased to coup up the inflation factor. Hostel Charges will be deposited in advance for one year if student decides to leave the hostel during the 1st half of the  calendar year and provided he/she gives a month's notice, (in the form of an application addressed to the Dean/Principal,  through proper channel and if approved by the Dean/Principal) only then, the hostel dues for the 2nd half of the calendar year will be refunded, however the tax amount will not be refunded.

  • 1% surcharge on outstanding fee shall be levied in subsequent years after due date as per policy. If the student deposit fee in advance following discount rates will be applicable:-

If the student deposit fee in advance following discount rates will be applicable:

(Tuition Fee Only)

For 05 years 2% of Existing Tuition Fee for each Year. The years Inflation Enhancement will year not be Applicable
For 04 years
For 03 years
For 02 
  • The student who deposited fee for 5 years and if he/she reverted back from higher to lower class will pay the fee of the same class in which he/she is studying according to the existing PM&DC rules. The college dues once deposited will be refundable for 1st year only as per following PM&DC policy:- 

  • If the student wishes to leave the institution before the session or within fifteen working days on the commencement of classes, 100% refund of all deposited fee, except for the one time admission fee. The withholding tax will not be refunded if deposited.

  • If the student wishes to leave the institution within three months of commencement of classes, the student shall be entitled for refund of fee after deduction of fee for study period availed in terms of months, except Admission fee. 

  • If the student wishes to leave the institution after three months of commencement of classes then there shall be no refund. The detained students shall be charged tuition fee in proportion to number of failed subjects of that professional Examination as prescribed by PM&DC.

  • Once the Academic Year start the student has to clear all his/her dues till 31 January of each year. In case the student decided to leave the college or migrate, will clear all his/her dues before leaving the college. The clearance/No dues certificate will be issued by the Accounts Department after the deposit of all outstanding dues.

  • After 31st January the student in case of non deposit of fee shall Not be allowed to take any Module Test till the Fee is deposited.

  • Tuition will not be adjusted against any other student dues.Security money will be refunded after completion of house job; however the outstanding dues (if any) will be deducted from the security money.

The fee may be deposited in the following branches of ASKARI BANK LIMITED:-

For Expatriate/Foreign Students

Branch:          Askari bank DHA Phase-I Islamabad
Title of Account: Foundation University Islamabad
USD Account No: 1061300401234
Swift Code: ASCMPKKA
IBN No: PK04ASCM0001061300401234

 For Local Students

Branch:     Askari Bank Ltd, Al Shifa Eye Trust Hospital Branch, Rawalpindi
Title of Account: Foundation University Islamabad
PKR Account No: 01811650000020
Swift Code: ASCMPKKA
IBN No: PK79ASCM0001811650000020

For Catering Charges

Branch: Askari Bank Ltd, DHA Phase-I Branch, Islamabad
Title of Account: Classic Foods
PKR Account No: 1060100585516 

  • Fee in Pak Rupees may be deposited into Askari Bank booth located at Student Hub of FUIC.

  • The Expatriate Students will deposit the dues in USD. The fee may be deposited through cross cheque (of Askari Bank only)/pay order in favour of Foundation University Islamabad. No USD cash will be collected by ABL Adyala Road Branch as per instruction of the State Bank of Pakistan.

  • If a student is removed from the college rolls on disciplinary/ administrative grounds the refund of the hostel dues wi l l also become inadmissible.

  • Re-admission fee Rs. 50,000/- shall be charged in case a Student's name is struck off from the college rolls due to prolonged absence for more than 4 weeks.