Department of Psychiatry

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Head of the Department
Prof. Dr. Khalid Hayat Khan, (MBBS, MCPS, FCPS) 
PM&DC No. 144-AJK

Department of is recognized by PMDC for undergraduate teaching in Psychiatry, Behavioral Sciences, House jobs and for post graduate training by CPSP (College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan). Faculty members are post graduate supervisors and examiners of CPSP.

It has fully equipped outdoor and indoor facilities. In addition to Adult Psychiatry, the department also provides liaison and emergency psychiatric services.

The under graduate teaching involves formal lectures, small group discussions, and clinical demonstrations. Behavioral Sciences topics are covered in different modules during first three academic years. Department also has services of clinical psychologists and under takes structured training of clinical attachments for the graduate and post graduate students of Clinical Psychology and Behavioral Sciences of various universities of the country.


Dr. Nadia Azad, MBBS, FCPS  PM&DC No. 32021-P

Assistant Professors
Dr. Sawera Mansoor (MBBS, FCPS)PM&DC No. 48410-P

FFH Faculty 

Dr. Khalid Hayat Khan, (MBBS, MCPS, FCPS) PM&DC No. 144-AJK