Department of Prosthodontics

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Head of Department 
Assistant Professor Dr Shoaib Rahim
PMDC Reg No: 11601-D
Publications: 10

Prosthodontics is the branch of Dentistry that deals with diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation and maintenance of oral function, health, mastication + esthetics by restoring teeth or / and its associated structures by biocompatible artificial mats.

In Foundation University Dental College the program stretches over three years beginning with the basic concept and dummy training as Pre-clinical Prosthodontics in second ear.

Third year involves interaction with patients and fabrication of simple prosthesis whereas in final year more complex cases are done the undergraduate students are assessed in 2nd year as part of another major subject. Whereas in final year a thorough examination of their knowledge and skill is done.

The department work is supported by a prosthetics and ceramic labs which is well equipped with latest machinery and expert staff that enables the doctors archive best result. The faculty is well versed and truly professional working to help students and patients.

Assistant Professor
Dr. Fatima Masood  (BDS, MCPS)
PMDC Registration Number = 7184-D

Dr Atta Ur Rehman (BDS, MClinDent Training)
PMDC Reg No: 15668-D

Dr Abeer ijaz (BDS)
PMDC Registration Number = 13815-D
Dr Ghulam Mustafa (BDS) 
PMDC Registration Number = 15729-D
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