Department of Physiology

Head of the Department 
Professor Dr. Sadia Ahsin (MBBS, FCPS)
PM&DC Reg No. (32655-P)

Welcome to the Department of Physiology at FUIC. Physiology, along with other basic and clinical sciences faculties, plays a pivotal role in establishing a solid foundation for understanding the functions of organ - systems of human body. It provides the comprehension of the underlying mechanisms that lead to developing the holistic concepts of health, disease and treatment. Physiology is taught as major subject in the first two years of MBBS in contextually integrated curriculum. Physiology is also being taught in first year of BDS and first four semesters of DPT programs. 

At Foundation University we are teaching cellular, nerve and muscle, hematology, immunology, cardiovascular and respiratory physiology in first year MBBS and gastrointestinal, renal, neurosciences with special senses, endocrinology and reproductive physiology in second year of MBBS. Practicals in physiology are devised to demonstrate important physiological concepts. The use of advanced recordings, monitoring equipment and techniques is emphasized to highlight the significance of precise recordings and data interpretation in medical practice.

Department has highly qualified and PM&DC certified faculty with vast experience of teaching and research. In the last 3 years, research projects prepared by the faculty have won funding of Rs 4.4 million from Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. More projects are in the pipeline. A particular strength of the department is its recognition by the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan (CP&SP) for post graduate fellowship course i.e. FCPS in Physiology. It is a four year degree program for medical doctors who have qualified FCPS-I in Medicine and Allied Sciences.

Associate Professor
Dr. Gul-e-Naghma Saeed MBBS, M.Phil (17409-P)
Dr. Madiha Imran MBBS. M.Phil (44141-P)

Assistant Professor

Dr. Hira Ashraf MBBS, MPhil (58964-S)
Dr Nasar Abbas (MBBS, MPhil)
Dr Hira Ayaz (MBBS, MPhil)

Dr. Hira Kiyani MBBS (67609-P)
Dr. Aqsa Jabeen MBBS (76020-P)
Dr. Zara Shoukat MBBS (78883-P)
Dr. Aneela Azim MBBS (56399-S)
Dr. Hadiya Farooq MBBS (85425-P)
Dr. Hassaan Ahmed MBBS (88679-P)
Dr. Mariah Jafery MBBS (88467-P)

Faculty for BDS
Associate Professor
Dr. Gul-e-Naghma MBBS, M.Phil (17409-P)
Dr. Amber Rashid. BDS (8126-D)
Dr. Iram Rashid BDS (17520-D)

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