Department of Periodontology

Assistant Professor /HOD
Dr Batool Zara
PMDC Reg No:9310-D
Publications : 3

The department of periodontology specialises in dealing with diseases of the periodontium i.e. the gums, alveolar bone and the periodontal ligament. Patients with gum and periodontal diseases and also those with oral diseases are treated and followed up in the department of periodontology. It caters various patient categories in addition to routine out patients, geriatrics and hospital in patients are also managed.

Need to include periodontology in the curriculum
Numerous domestic and international studies have shown periodontal disease as being the leading cause of tooth loss followed by dental caries. In order to prepare our students for the challenges they will face during their practice as dentists, it is of utmost importance to give them an all-round and comprehensive knowledge of periodontology so that they can perform their professional duties to a high standard. Periodontology is intended to provide a sound and intensive knowledge about the basic principles of the aetiology, progression and pathology of periodontal tissue as well as the diagnosis and management of periodontal disease.

Senior Registrar
Dr. Sadia Musharraf (B.D.S.,M.C.P.S. (Periodontology) )
PMDC Registration Number = 2965-D

Dr. Atia Jamal (BDS)
PMDC Registration Number = 16541-D
Dr. Waleed Mushtaq
PMDC Registration Number = 15732-D
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