Department of Pathology

Head of the Department 
Professor Dr. Faiza Kazi (MBBS, MCPS, FCPS)

The Department of Pathology ("the study of science of diseases”) at the Foundation University Medical College exemplifies the field's complex nature and incorporates Pathology's dramatic new developments in molecular biology and diagnostic biotechnology. A dynamic and rapidly evolving field of Pathology plays a pivotal role in diagnosis research and treatment monitoring. It is a bridge between the basic and clinical medical sciences.

The scientific mission of the Department of Pathology is to accumulate knowledge pertaining to the nature of diseases and to translate the knowledge in order to improve diagnostic and clinical applications.

The Department offers diagnostic services in all the areas of Pathology and Plans to expand them to the state of the art level. Our educational and training programmes in addition to teaching of medical students now also include residency training programmes in all four specialties and postdoctoral research.

Functions of Pathology Department

  • Under Graduate Training

  • Post Graduate Training

  • Diagnostic Services

  • Research

  • Workshops and seminars

Under Graduate Training

Department is involved in teaching of

  • MBBS

  • BDS

  • DPT

Well-equipped Teaching Laboratories are available for teaching of students. Facilities of Multimedia with close circuit TV Camera attached with microscope for projection of histopathology and other teaching slides is available in the department for our students. We have currently introduced continuous and regular presentations by students. Each student will have a chance to present and it will help her / him in learning and grooming process.

Post graduate training:

Department of pathology is approved by CPSP for training

FCPS II training is undergoing in following disciplines:

  • Histopathology

  • Microbiology

  • Haematology

  • Chemical pathology

 Diagnostic services:

Hospital laboratory in Fauji Foundation hospital deals with Chemical pathology, Clinical Pathology, Hematology, Microbiology/ virology/ serology.

Histopathology laboratory is based in Foundation University Medical College Campus.

Annual workload of laboratory investigations is around 610000 tests per year.


Department is actively engaged in research. Presently 11 research projects are in different stages of completion.

Currently 2 research projects have been approved by HEC for funding and are under process

Total 47 research papers have been published by the faculty members during last 5 years in different International and National reputed medical journals.

Six original research articles have already been submitted for publication in different international and national medical journals.

Undergraduate research: faculty of department is involved in inculcating research attitude from     undergraduate level. Students have participated in different national and international forums and have given oral and poster presentations.

  • Two oral paper presentations and seven poster presentations by undergraduate students under direct supervision of Pathology Department were presented in 20th Annual Meeting MRSP Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre. Five posters were among first 6 best posters.

  • Two research papers were presented by undergraduate students under direct supervision of Pathology Department at 6th undergraduate medical research conference Peshawar.

            Post graduate research:

            All post graduate trainees are actively engaged in the process of research

            Currently 10 research projects are under process by post graduate trainees

Workshops and Seminars:

Department of pathology is involved in organizing workshops and seminars regularly for undergraduate as well as post graduate trainees and faculty as part of continued medical education (CME). During last 5 years department has organized 05 symposium and workshops.

Dr. Mumtaz Ahmad Khan
PM&DC Reg No. 0302/11308-P/M, 11308-P
Dr. Lubna Zafar (MBBS, MCPS, FCPS) 
PM&DC Reg No. 0301/13115-P/M, 13115-P

Associate Professors
Dr. Irum Aftab (MBBS, M Phil)
PM&DC Reg No. 0207/19169-P/M, 19169-P
Dr. Masood Ahmad Khan (MBBS, MCPS, M Phil) 
PM&DC Reg No. 859/15022-P/M, 15022-P
Dr. Fatima Kaleem (MBBS, M Phil) 
PM&DC Reg No. 5231/46862-P/M, 46862-P

Assistant Professors
Dr. M. Jawwad Anis Khan (MBBS, MCPS, FCPS) 
PM&DC Reg No. 0170/5851-P/M, 5851-P
Dr. Umme Farwa (MBBS, MCPS, FCPS) 
PM&DC Reg No. 15169/38099-P/M, 38099-P
Dr. Iram Sohail (MBBS, FCPS)
PM&DC Reg No. 38297-S/M, 38297-S

FFH Faculty

Dr. Shahid Ahmad Abbasi
PM&DC Reg No. 1640-N/M, 1640-N

Associate Professors
Dr. Sami Saeed (Chemical Pathology) 
PM&DC Reg No. 1249/4038-N/M, 4038-N

Assistant Professors
Dr. Madeeha Rehan (MBBS, FCPS (Haem)) 
PM&DC Reg No. 15540/41994-P/M, 41994-P
Dr. Sehar Khaliq (MBBS, FCPS (Haem))
PM&DC Reg No. 17076/35476-P/M, 35476-P
Dr. Attika Khalid (MBBS, FCPS (Haem))
PM&DC Reg No. 24880/48306-P/M, 48306-P

Senior Registrar
Dr. Nazia Khalid
PM&DC Reg No. 47908-P

Senior Lecturer (FUMC)
Dr. Mehnaz Omar Arshad
(MBBS, M. Phil) 
PM&DC Reg No. 7616/10137-N/M 10137-N
Dr. Yasmin Wahid (MBBS, FCPS) 
PM&DC Reg No. 24523-P

Demonstrators (FUMC)
Dr. M. Tahir Saleem (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg No. 3441/4810-P/M, 4810-P
Dr. Samina Naseer (MBBS) 
PM&DC Reg No. 3440/5469-P/M, 5469-P
Dr. Abida Ashfaq (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg No. 3439/19535-P/M, 19535-P
Dr. Ghazala Rustam (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg No. 3438/10407-N/M, 10407-N
Dr. Sarah Javed (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg No. 64221-P
Dr. Saba Aniqa (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg No. 55407-P

Post Graduate Trainees (FUMC)
Dr. Natasha Sherazi
PM&DC Reg No. 60280-P
Dr. Rehana Ramzan (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg No. B18368-N
Dr. Umme Farwa (MBBS) (PGT) 
PM&DC Reg No.  AJK-2281
Dr. Zainab Taj (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg No. 71185-P

Dr. Fariha Nasreen
PM&DC Reg No. 42921-P
Dr. Mariam Khan Qamar (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg No. 71369-P

Dr. Ambreen Nawaz Khan
PM&DC Reg No. 1441-N
Dr. Madiha Naqvi (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg No. 50283-P

Post Graduate Trainees (FFH)

Chemical Pathology 
Dr. Yusra Javaid (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg No. 65999-S

Dr. Sara Naseem Malik
PM&DC Reg No. 55282-P
Dr. Asim Ali Shah (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg No. 16252-N
Faculty for BDS
Associate Professors

Dr. Fatima Kaleem (MBBS, M Phil)  
PM&DC Reg No. 5231/46862-P/M, 46862-P
Dr. Samina Naseer (MBBS)  
PM&DC Reg No. 3440/5469-P/M, 5469-P
Dr. Abida Ashfaq (MBBS) 
PM&DC Reg No. 3439/19535-P/M, 19535-P