Department of Oral Medicine

Head of the Department 
Dr. Muhammad Umair
(BDS, MCPS (Oral Surgery)) 
PM&DC Faculty Reg No. 14196/8115-D/D
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Oral medicine is that area of special competence in dentistry concerned mainly with diseases involving the oral and perioral structures, especially the oral mucosa and the oral manifestation of systemic diseases. It also includes diagnosis and treatment of diseases involving orofacial tissues and dental treatment of medically compromised patients.
The subject is divided into two components theory and OSPE .We are associated with oral diagnosis department where students undergo intense training of examining the patients and referring them to their respective departments.
The Subject enables students to diagnose oral diseases and their medical management without surgical intervention.
The course covers a wide range of topics including.
Taking proper history and clinical examination
Oral mucosa
Premalignant lesions
Oral cancer
Oral Pigmentation
Oral ulceration
Vesicullobullous disorders
Disorders of TMJ
Orofacial Pain
Oral manifestations of systemic disease
Senior Registrar
Dr. Syed Ali Asad (BDS, DOMFS (IIB))
PM&DC Reg No 7251-D
Dr. Majida Raheem (BDS, MCPS)
PM&DC Reg No 9836-D
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Dr. Meimoona Zia (BDS)
PM&DC Reg No 14448-D
Dr. Eman Zafar (BDS, MCPS)
PM&DC Reg No 13397-D
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