Department of Oral Biology & Tooth Morphology

Dr. Adil Umar 280x280Head of the Department
Dr Adil Umar Durrani
Associate Professor
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Oral biology & tooth morphology is a foundation course in dentistry which is taught during the first year. The course consists of four components including Oral Histology, Oral Anatomy, Oral Physiology and Tooth Morphology.

Oral Biology includes the study of development, structure and function of oral cavity (mouth). The course begins with an introduction to the structure and development of teeth.

This will be followed by detailed study of the tooth and supporting structures of the tooth. Also included in the course are study of the related oral tissues (oral mucosa, salivary glands & temporomandibular joint) and relevant physiology of oral cavity. There are three lectures and one tutorial scheduled every week on the subject and each lecture is followed by a practical session. Oral Biology and tooth Morphology are examined as one university subject in First Professional BDS examination.


Sr. Lecturers
Dr. Faiza Gulfam  (BDS)
PM&DC Regn.No.11645-D
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Dr. Falahat Nasir (BDS)
PM&DC Regn.No.11657-D