Department of Operative and Paediatric Dentistry

Head of the Department
Assistant Prof Dr. Nadia Aman
(BDS, FCPS (Operative Dentistry))
PM&DC Faculty Regs. No. 2427/5210-D/D

1. Operative Dentistry deals with the restoration of the diseased or damaged tooth. Students are introduced to the basics of cavity preparation and restoration in their second year. During the two-year pre-clinical course, student practice simple filling procedures in the phantom head lab where they develop their psychomotor skills and learn to manipulate restorative materials. They will use these skills to treat patients in final year of studies.

2. Students will learn to prepare cavities of different complexities a variety of filling materials.

3. Students will also learn preventive dental procedures for preventing carries like fluoride application, oral hygiene instructions, pt & fissure sealants and ART technique as part of peadodontics practice in final year BDS clinical rotation.

4. Final year Operative dentistry includes endodontics deals with the morphology, physiology and pathology of the human dental pulp and peri-radicular tissues. Final year students will get supervised hands-on practice in providing endodontic treatment for patient.

Assistant Professor
Dr Mansoor Khan (BDS, FCPS (Operative Dentistry))
PM&DC Reg. No. 9534-D

Dr Abdul Rashid (BDS)
PM&DC Reg. No. 1132-D
Dr. Ahmed Amir Sheikh (BDS, Paediatric Dentistry)
Dr. Anam Ahmed Niazi  (BDS, Paediatric Dentistry)

Dr Fakeha Zahid (BDS)
PM&DC Reg. No. 12720-D
Dr Hina Ishaq (BDS)
PM&DC Reg. No. 12011-D
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