Department of Community Medicine


Head of the Department
Prof. Dr. Naila Azam

Community Medicine will be the foundation for individual, family, and community health.

The Community Medicine educates learners, performs relevant research, and develops leaders who integrate the best in care for the sick and provide health/wellness care for all in a medical environment filled with trust, respect, and accountability emphasizing:

1. Doctor-family-patient relationship building evidence-based medicine
2. Practice relevance with advanced access and office based technology
3. Research to improve health care quality, cost and policies 

In accordance with PMDC / HEC / CPSP Specification of MBBS / FCPS Curriculum, Community Medicine Department is following the latest trends in Medical Teaching

1. Integrated in Modular System starting from First - Fourth year MBBS.
2. Preventive aspects of different case scenarios are discussed in lectures and PBL sessions.
3. It is a hybrid system through

1. Large group interactive session
2. Small group interactive session
3. Community Oriented Medical Education (COME)
4. Problems Based Learning (PBL) 
5. Community Based Education (CBE)
6. Baby friendly initiative educating mothers for Breast Feeding ,Weaning Practices and Immunization 
7. Health education campaign regarding health and diseases on monthly basis through dissemination of materials in English, Urdu and Urdu banners for community in waiting areas of FFH. 

Professional Behavior

1. Punctuality
2. Maintaining attendance
3. Empathy
4. Professional Appearance

  • It is expected from every student to adhere to the dress code of FUI.
  • Students whose appearance is deemed unprofessional will not be allowed to paricipate in Field Visits and classes until the matter is resolved.

Communication Skills

  • Learning the Process of Sharing Information with other individuals. Understanding types of communication and verbal e.g. talking, writing and non verbal e.g. Dress, gestures, head movements, facial expressions.

 Lectures / Large Group Interactive Sessions

The lectures to be delivered by the Professor, Associate and Assistant Professors are vetted by the HOD.
The lectures are mostly problem solving oriented with active involvement / participation of the students Maximum utilization of the teaching aids i.e. multimedia, overhead projector, models, black/white board ,computer and VCD player etc is made
At the end of each lecture, the students are free to ask any question regarding the lecture
Small Group Interactive Session

  • Demonstrations
  • Field visits
  • Tutorials
  • Research projects
  • Certificate of research participation
  • World health days
  • Presentations
  • Poster competition
  • Model competition
  • Movie competition

Post Graduation Training

Department is recognized for Post Graduate Training from CPSP

Demonstrations / Field Training Program

A class of 150 students is divided into 4 batches for small group interactive sessions in.
Demonstrations / Field Training Program are displayed in the department for the information of the students and concerned teachers.

Demonstrators conduct the demonstrations / tutorials under supervision of concerned Asst Professor.

Community Oriented Practical Training

Visits to;

1. School Health Services
2. Maternal and Child Health Centre
3. EPI Centre
4. Family Planning Centre
5. Primary Health Care Facility: BHU / RHC
6. Tertiary Care Hospital
7. Water Treatment Plant
8. Hospital waste disposal system
9. Hospital kitchen
10. FUMC Hostels kitchen.

Practical Manual

1. Report writing of field visits
2. Public Health related news
3. Statistical calculations
4. Pictorial interpretations
5. National health program

1. Formative

a. End blocks
b. Practical work

2. Summative

a. Term tests
b. Send up

3. Professional exams

a. Annual
b. Supplementary

Community Social Work

1. Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative
2. Health awareness campaign FUMC / FFH (Faculty, Staff and Community at FFH, Patients and attendants.
3. School children health awareness campaign during field visits


Associate Professors
Prof. Dr. Nosheen Zaidi (MBBS, MPH)
PM&DC Reg No. 7904-N

Assistant Professors
Dr. Nabeela Fazal Babar (MBBS, MMCH, M. Phil)
PM&DC Reg No. 16020-P

Dr. Umay Kalsoom (MBBS, MPH)
PM&DC Reg No.30677-P

Dr. Tahira Amjad (MBBS, MPH)
PM&DC Reg No.1298-N

Senior Lecturer
Dr. Shumaila Humayun (MBBS, MPH)
PM&DC Reg No. 31935-P

Dr. Mehwish Riaz (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg No. 64533-S
Dr. Raima Asif (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg No. 64733-P 
Dr. Sohail Malik (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg No. 61670-S
Dr. Farhan Aslam (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg No. 72885-P