Admission Requirements for DPT

Admission in Foundation University College of Rehabilitation Sciences (FUIRS) is open to all students irrespective of sex, religion, color, creed, class and domicile who are academically qualified for admission to the courses of study offered by the college.

The admission is offered strictly on the basis of merit determined by the university as per the admission criteria.

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Online Application

The candidate who apply online must submit the printed application form along with processing fee challan of Rs. 1000/- and required documents as per the checklist before 15th November 2017.

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Admission Criteria

FSC (Pre-Medical, 60% minimum marks)
IBCC equivalent in FSc with minimum 60% marks for foreign qualification
Entry test is mandatory
Incomplete/late applications will not be considered

Selection of Students

The students will be selected on merit basis in the following categories:-

S# Merit Seats
1 Open 32
2 Expatriate 08
3 Retired Armed Forces 05
4 Serving Armed Forces 05
  Total 50

Note: Vacant seats of any category will be filled on open merit basis

Entry Test Details

Entry Test will be Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) based containing 50 MCQs of Total 50 Marks. There will be no Negative Marking and applicants will be given a time period of 1 hour to answer 50 MCQs. Following are the Detailed Division of Total MCQs

Biology: 15
Physics: 15
Chemistry: 15
General Knowledge/English: 05

The final Selection is strictly based on Merit as per of following selection Criteria

F. Sc Marks 40%
Matric 10%
Entry Test 50%

Reference Books

Applicants are advised to use Text Books of F.Sc for the Purpose of preparation for entry test.

Sample MCQs:

Following are some Sample MCQs for Entry Test Exam.


1. Which bacteria can rarely have flagella

A. Spirilla
B. Diplobaccili
C. Cocci
D. Vibrio

2. Which of the following is not endotherm

A. Bird 
B. Flying insect
C. Amphibian
D. Mammals


1. A stone thrown from the top of a tall building follows a path that is:

A. Circular
B. Hyperbolic
C. Straight line
D. Parabolic

2. Strain can be measured in:

A. N/m2
B. N•m2
C. N/m
D. None of theses its unit less


1. Units of gas constant R in SI system is:

A. 0.0821 dm3 atm k–1 mol–1
B. 82.1 cm3 atm k–1
C. 8.31 Nm k–1 mol–1
D. 1.987 cal k–1 mol–1

2. Boiling point is low for liquid with

A. High vapour pressure at given temperature
B. Low vapour pressure at a given temperature
C. Very high vapour pressure
D. Very low vapour pressure


1. Choose the correct synonym of Acquiesce

A. Dissent
B. Assent
C. Oppose
D. Disagree


1. Pakistan’s national animal is

A. Lion
B. Markhore 
C. Rabbit 
D. None of these

Scheme of Studies for 5 Years Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)