Campus Management System (CMS)

CMS 1000x300 f

CMS is under the deployment phase at FUMC. In addition of other modules, it also includes a Student Portal which can be accessed online. The student portal provides an interface to various activities performed during the whole academic year. It keeps students update about:-
Module Timetable and Attendance View.

    • Assignment submission and helping material download

    • Module activities like assignments, quizzes etc, view and performance evaluation.

    • Teacher Evaluation participation

    • Helping and Reference material download

    • Announcements and Events alerts.

    • SMS alerts on specific activities.

    • Communication of results of end-of-module, Pre annual and University exams to the parents.

    • Communication of attendance record to the parents of students on monthly basis.

    • Communication of less than 75% attendance to the parents on quarterly basis.

    • Preparation of daily absentee reports of the students and forwarding it to the Accounts Branch on monthly basis.

    • Preparation and updating the session-wise list of the students, their addresses and telephone numbers..

    • Maintaining and updating personal files of the students.

    • Help in maintenance of discipline and keep a record of disciplinary actions taken against the students.